Shipping Policy

Questions about shipping rates, methods, and speeds? We've got your answers right here.


USA: Free Shipping via USPS First Class mail with tracking.

International: $19.95 Flat Rate Shipping for all eligible destinations via USPS International Shipping with tracking.


Here's what happens the moment your order is placed:
  1. Your order arrives within 30 seconds and placed in our picking queue.
  2. One of order specialists sees your order and does a fist pump because we love seeing people celebrate their love! They then sprint through our based in Los Angeles, CA and pick your order.
  3. Your order is then hand packaged with the greatest care all the while wishing you and your beloved the greatest success in your commitment to each other.
  4. We print postage right there on the spot and with the grace and care of an Origami master we gently place the label on your package.
  5. We take the tracking information and send that right over so you can know exactly where to find your order in the whole wild world at any given moment.
  6. We've worked out a deal with the USPS and they send their finest horse drawn chariot to our warehouse. When the horses and postman arrive, they gently place your order on a pillow made of the softest velvet hand crimped in the French Alps. It's carefully carried to the carriage where it's locked away to ensure roving bands of bandits stay far away from you and your treasured wedding band.
  7. Armed guards mount the carriage and escort the postman safely back to the USPS barracks.
  8. Your package is unloaded as the guards keep watch to ensure no one interferes and all on-lookers are quickly moved along.
  9. From there the USPS probably tosses it in a big pile of other packages and shakes it around a bunch before it gets thrown into a plane and flown to your local sorting area. We really don't have much control after we drop it off with them, but it seems like they're the kind of people who would just treat it like any other package. What can you do? 


Typically your order will arrive within 3-5 business days. Saturday and Sunday don't count as business days, so that might mean it takes up to a full calendar week before you get your order, but we've seen packages arrive next day especially if you live in Southern California.

Please allow the full 3-5 business days for your order to arrive before contacting us to ask questions about it. We will only be able to direct you back to the tracking information for your order (the same information we use).

We insure every order to guarantee you get your wedding band. If your order hasn’t arrived within five business days, please contact us so we can verify what is happening. We may need to ship you a new order and file a claim with USPS.

**Seriously, they probably just play catch with the packages we send them because they're bored. Sometimes they lose stuff and we just have to reship it but it's not very likely and only happens once or twice a year.