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Workout Wedding Rings in Silicone

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Silicone Wedding Rings for Workouts

Silicone wedding bands have become a popular addition to a normal wedding ring for both men and women. Whether you work in a field that makes wearing a normal metal wedding band dangerous (welders, firemen, HVAC, etc), you want something to take to the gym, or you are looking for something on your outdoor trips (hunting, fishing, camping, snowshoeing, etc), a silicone wedding band is a perfect solution to your situation.

Many men and women want to show their dedication to their spouse during activities that risk loss or damage to a finer quality ring made of precious metals, or that have nostalgic value. In a situation like rock climbing, the gym, snow showing, water sports, or even work, wearing a silicone ring can ensure you feel comfortable and have your ring without risking a major loss if something were to happen to your ring, or your finger. Remember the Jimmy Fallon ring/boat incident? That wouldn’t have happened had he had a silicone ring which would break away. And the fact of the matter is, we’ve only scratched the surface.

Why Choose Silicone Workout Wedding Rings?

Aside from the standard electrical issues that come along with a traditional wedding band and the comfort of silicone while working out, there are some very practical reasons for using a replacement silicone ring: loss of your expensive wedding band or engagement ring being at the forefront with damage being a close second. On a deeper, emotional level, the value comes from knowing that no matter where you or your partner are, you are both telling the world that you are loved by someone else.

Many of our female customers rave about the bright silicone workout wedding rings we offer on our website. They often refer to them as metaphorical garlic against the vampire boys at the gym.

My ring keeps the boys at bay when I’m at the gym. See ya later bros! I’m taken. My hubby loves that too. And I love the color!Nikki Hall

Regardless of your situation, we offer a lifetime warranty and free shipping on all of our orders to ensure you get your order fast. We also use the highest quality medical grade silicone to prevent any transference of bacteria. Order yours today?