About Us


Phil & Alexandra Hudson, Co-Founders of LoyaltyRings.com

My name is Phil Hudson. I'm a normal guy who liked a girl so much he decided to put a ring on it. So, I did the logical next step and took her to get tacos. They were delicious. The moment was right. I proposed. She said yes.

Not romantic? She thought it was perfect. I promise (she really likes tacos).

From there we set out to do the next logical thing, ice cream.

Later that night, I got really excited to look for my wedding band. You see, I grew up with a father named Loyal. As you can imagine, Loyalty was a really important thing to him. He instilled into me from a young age the importance of loyalty to family, to self, to your employer, and to your favorite sports team (Boomer Sooner! Sorry, Longhorn fans! Suck it!).

I've always looked forward to the day I'd find the right girl to settle down with forever, so this ring was a big deal for me. It was my way of showing her my Loyalty and man was I disappointed when I started looking for a ring online.


$300, seriously? $500, are you kidding me? $700, what is this made out of vibranium or something? I even found a ring for $1,500. Someone had to crawl into the movie Avatar and harvest Unobtainium to make this ring or snatch it out of Mordor when Frodo tossed it in.

This was nuts and I wasn't about to spend that much money on something I knew couldn't possible cost that much.

You see, I'm currently a writer in Los Angeles, but before spending my days playing pretend and coming up with fun ways to make girls cry I worked in the world of Internet Marketing and I was dang good at it. I helped major brands sell more things to people like you and me. Part of that was an expertise on eCommerce, so I put my dark magic skills to use and started looking for suppliers.

You'll never believe what I uncovered...


Some of these sites are selling rings at a 10-20x markup. Some of them even more! I found quality manufacturers that would allow me to get the exact ring I wanted and they would do it for less than half the price these guys were selling their rings for.

I was ticked. Wouldn't you be? These guys are taking advantage of people and nothing boils my blood faster than experiencing something I feel is manipulative.

I bought my ring and I went to bed.

I couldn't sleep.


I've never been the kind of person to sit back and watch people take advantage of other people. I hate bullies and this felt like I was being bullied. If you ask anyone who knows me, they will tell you I'm the guy who will speak up when I feel something is wrong.

So I talked it over with my wife and I decided, let's stick it to these guys. I'd use my dark wizarding powers to steal their profits and give them back to you, the people (did I just sound a little like Bane from Dark Knight Rises? I definitely spoke like that in my head).


My wife and I decided to launch this website to stick it to the other guys who are ripping you and me off. I can't promise we'll have the cheapest prices, but our prices will be fair.

Yes, you can find rings like our or the other guys on other shopping sites at a fraction of the cost, but you're also sacrificing quality.

At LoyaltyRings.com we are focused on selling high quality rings at fair prices with a lifetime warranty. We back up every single wedding band we sell with a lifetime warranty and a 30 day return and refund policy.

We also ship all of our wedding bands absolutely free in the US and the most reasonable price we can find internationally that still provides tracking.