Lifetime Warranty

We stand by our products and want to ensure you never have to worry about damaging or breaking something as important as your wedding band. Over the last seven years we've helped hundreds of people just like you get a wedding band they are proud to own. During that time, we've had quite a few people reach out to our customer support team with stories of wedding bands lost at sea, during crab broils (not joking), and even in accidents.

During each of those conversations there was an overwhelming sadness because these men, just like you, have lost more than just a piece of metal. They'd lost an expression of their commitment to their loved one.

That's why we have a Lifetime Warranty we are proud to stand by. Because you shouldn't have to worry about showing your loyalty proudly and boldly.

Lifetime Warranty Details

We offer a Lifetime Warranty for all products we sell. If your wedding band wears or takes damage, breaks or becomes brittle, or any other issues, defects, or problems arise we will replace your ring at no cost to you. Simply pay for shipping whatever is left of your ring back to us and we will ship you a new one.

This can only be applied once per order and it is for the same product and size as the original order. If the original product is not available, our customer support department will provide details on how to pick a new product of equal or lesser value.

For lost rings, we retain the right to decided at our sole discretion whether or not we will provide a replacement.

For further questions about this Lifetime Warranty, we invite you to contact our customer support department for more information.